32 seconds.

Because texting is the #1 distracted driving behavior, a great deal of focus is being placed on it during Distracted Driver Awareness Month.

However, texting, as deadly as it can be, is not the only driving distraction.

last night I saw a car commercial on TV featuring two different drivers.  In this 32 second commercial, both drivers were shown
1.- tapping their fingers on the steering wheel to the music,
2.- adjusting their tie,
3.- drinking coffee, and
4.- checking their hair in the rear view mirror.

Each of these behaviors constitutes distracted driving.

According to the DMV, there are three types of distractions. They are anything that takes your:

  • eyes off the road (visual).
  • mind off the road (cognitive).
  • hands off the steering wheel (manual).

1.- Thinking about the song, keeping time to the music by tapping on your steering wheel or seat dancing is taking your mind off the road.

2. – Adjusting your clothing is taking both your mind and hand off the road.

3.- A driver drinking coffee or soft drinks is taking their eyes off the road because they are momentarily blinded by the lid and cup; and it could become eyes, mind and hands if they spill their beverage in their lap.

4. -Using the rear view mirror while driving not only takes your eyes off of the road in front of you it, blocks your vision from what might be approaching from behind you.

In this age of multi-tasking, it is common to do more than one task at the same time and too many people think that includes driving their car.

A split second can change your life. Car accident victims suffer life changing serious injuries,  including death.

Don’t be like the drivers in the commercial. Choose to drive safe and stay alive.


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